Employee engagement and a great inclusive employee experience!

At Tap’d we understand modern organisations, the needs of their people and the Future of Work. We are experienced HR consultants with a passion for creating transformational positive change, utilising HR technologies when they can demonstrably add value to your people and your bottom line. We deliver projects that develop engagement, the employee experience, and deliver a diverse and inclusive workplace.

At Tap’d, we believe that our customer relationships should be built on trust, authenticity and delivering results. We provide consultancy services, partner with the latest cool technology providers and have a passion for creating exceptional leaders within your organisation.

From leadership behaviour development to diversity and inclusion interventions and technologies, from surveying with the latest machine-learning technology to modern career pathing solutions, we are your trusted partner to enable you to deliver value-added positive change.

“Consumer-focused” and machine-learning technology is finally coming of age for HR and employees. But how can you, as busy HR and business leaders, identify the most effective HR technologies in such a noise-filled and crowded marketplace? How do you know who is great at what they do? How do you find time to do this?

We’ve already done this work for you. When we deliver engagement projects for organisations we use our own core team of experts and, where appropriate, we also utilise hand-picked specialised partners who have a proven track record of delivery in their field; and each of whom, share similar values to ours.

How do we do this? Well, at Tap’d we are curious. Curious about the possibility of “What if?”. We seek out knowledge in the world of engagement, employee experience and inclusion – the drivers of productive teams of people. We share this knowledge with our Tap’d network through Forums, Webinars and our podcast channel, Tap’d Talks HR.

So, if you want to make transformational change in the areas of employee engagement and employee experience that delivers inclusion and a sense of belonging for your people, then look at our “Solution” pages and start a conversation with us now.

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