Create an inclusive environment for all your employees

“Inclusion is beyond democracy. Democracy is about making the majority happy. Inclusion is about making every single individual happy

Creating an inclusive environment for all employees is a key priority for most HR functions currently. It goes beyond diversity. However, some inclusion activities are not new. A focus on inclusion as an output and not a process means that we need to pull a number of different HR activities together to achieve this.

HR already has a direct impact on Diversity in such areas as Recruitment and Retention. Inclusion, however, has to be driven mainly through leaders and managers as it is the hour-by-hour, day-by-day interaction of leaders that can grow or frustrate inclusion activities.

Inclusion is a product of:

  • Understanding, to a high degree, the drivers of your organisation and culture today
  • Creating a feedback mechanism so that every single voice can be heard
  • Listening to every single voice to be able to act on the need to belong from each individual
  • Create people leaders who have the emotional intelligence and skillset to deliver on the needs of the individual

At Tap’d we bring our expertise to this area and partner with the best to be able to work with you to deliver on all of the above. We are one of the few organisations who can do this. Others will work on one area but not all 4, leaving an incomplete plan to raise the feeling of inclusion and belonging in your organisation.

We need to get past inclusion to the psychological idea of belonging. “Belonging – a sense of acceptance and community within a given group”.

Our aim when working with you is to build Trust, be Authentic and deliver Results.

So, how can we at Tap’d and our partners help you achieve greater inclusion and sense of belonging within your organisation?

Understanding, feedback and listening

Key to Tap’d Solutions’ inclusion capability is the partnership we have with Qlearsite. Qlearsite have the analytics power and the machine learning of NLP (Natural Language Processing) to be able to ask for open feedback from employees with the capability of listening to everyone as equals. Indeed, they have been awarded by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor” for the work they do around inclusion.

Tap’d, partnering with Qlearsite, can harness multiple perspectives and ways of thinking to drive innovation and productivity through inclusion activity. Qlearsite gives you the ability to measure how effective your inclusion initiatives are – which means you can achieve diversity and prove its financial value to your organisation.

Firstly, Qlearsite gives you the ability to establish a “baseline”. You can’t improve what you can’t measure. So, Qlearsite work with you to build a picture of D&I in your organisation using existing data – highlighting areas where improvement will most rapidly accelerate diversity and inclusion. Critically, Qlearsite introduce an inclusion metric which can be tracked over time.

  • Measure diversity across multiple dimensions
  • Quantify Inclusion
  • Understand the relationship between Diversity and Inclusion

By using open questions with their NLP such as “What one thing could help you feel more actively involved in the organisation?”, Qlearsite gives you the ability to identify focus areas.

The Qlearsite technology analyses thousands of responses from your teams and groups them into sentiment and key themes. It pinpoints the areas that will give you the most impact, allowing you to prioritise easily and quickly.

  • Utilising the power of the latest Natural Language Processing
  • Listen to the voice of your employees

With this insight, and the latest analytics connecting to your HR data, you now have the ability to plan your inclusion strategy. Tackle inclusion issues with targeted actions “crowdsourced” by your employees. With high-impact, actionable insights at your fingertips, you can plan more effectively.

  • Pair issues with the right initiatives
  • Data-driven decision making with tangible ROI

And, most importantly, get stakeholder buy-in. When diversity, inclusion and company performance are linked, getting buy-in from senior leadership is a given. Qlearsite give you the ability to present senior leaders with a framework that’s proven to deliver KPIs. All of which raises the visibility of diversity and inclusion across your organisation.

Creating inclusive people leaders to deliver your strategy

At Tap’d we are passionate about the effect that great leadership has, , on inclusion and a sense of belonging within the workplace. We offer development packages for organisations to create more Inclusive Leaders.

Inclusive Leadership pulls on robust theories and tools, the majority of which already exist in some form. Inclusive Leadership is different to other leadership development programmes as it revolves around the individual with reference to the organisations’ needs. Employee-centred leadership styles ensure that individuals feel that they are heard and are valued by their manager and within the wider team. A core component is developing greater Emotional Intelligence with the leaders. High Emotional Intelligence, self-awareness and empathy are key for a leader to fully understand the emotive needs of their team.

We offer both ready-to-go, customisable and bespoke options. Our Inclusive Leadership programmes and courses are designed to be interactive and look at applying the theory and tools to real situations that your leaders will encounter.

Our Inclusive Leadership programme and courses can be delivered face-to-face, blended, multi-module and fully virtual. We use the latest Adobe software to ensure any virtual facilitation is immersive including break out areas and discussion boards.

Macro engagement and micro engagement

Combining the Macro Engagement activities of seeking feedback and analysing the results to create an inclusion strategy with the Micro Engagement of Inclusive Leadership development creates a virtuous circle of culture change and transformation.

If you want to embed your Inclusion Strategy within your organisation we highly recommend our Inclusive Leadership programmes. Contact us now at Tap’d and start a great inclusion conversation today.

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