Create an inclusive environment for all your employees

“Inclusion is beyond democracy. Democracy is about making the majority happy. Inclusion is about making every single individual happy

Creating an inclusive environment for all employees is a key priority for most HR functions currently. It goes beyond diversity. However, some inclusion activities are not new. A focus on inclusion as an output and not a process means that we need to pull a number of different HR activities together to achieve this.

HR already has a direct impact on Diversity in such areas as Recruitment and Retention. Inclusion, however, has to be driven mainly through leaders and managers as it is the hour-by-hour, day-by-day interaction of leaders that can grow or frustrate inclusion activities.

Inclusion is a product of:

  • Understanding, to a high degree, the drivers of your organisation and culture today
  • Creating a feedback mechanism so that every single voice can be heard
  • Listening to every single voice to be able to act on the need to belong from each individual
  • Create people leaders who have the emotional intelligence and skillset to deliver on the needs of the individual

At Tap’d we bring our expertise to this area and partner with the best to be able to work with you to deliver on all of the above. We are one of the few organisations who can do this. Others will work on one area but not all 4, leaving an incomplete plan to raise the feeling of inclusion and belonging in your organisation.

Based on our research, expertise and knowledge of building inclusive organisations we have developed the Tap’d Inclusive Organisation Model.

The aim of this framework is to outline what organisations need to consider when setting out on transformational projects to enhance inclusion within their organisation. It is designed to be practical and to be applied into organisations of varying “inclusion maturity”. The framework flows from left to right through data collection and diagnosis to creating sustainable structures and ways to upskill, educate and support your people. Each area can also be dipped in and out of to allow focus on a certain topic.

Our aim when working with you is to build Trust, be Authentic and deliver Results.


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