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At Tap’d we understand modern organisations, the needs of their people and the Future of Work. We are experienced HR consultants with a passion for creating transformational positive change, utilising HR technologies when they can demonstrably add value to your people and your bottom line. We deliver projects that develop engagement, the employee experience, and deliver a diverse and inclusive workplace.

At Tap’d, we believe that our customer relationships should be built on trust, authenticity and delivering results. We provide consultancy services, partner with the latest cool technology providers and have a passion for creating exceptional leaders within your organisation.

From leadership behaviour development to diversity and inclusion interventions and technologies, from surveying with the latest machine-learning technology to modern career pathing solutions, we are your trusted partner to enable you to deliver value-added positive change.

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The Productivity Challenge: Understanding what CEOs and People Leaders need to do in 2020 and beyond.

Download our report which investigates the topic of stalling productivity growth in the UK. We identify six key focus areas where CEOs and HR Leaders can focus their efforts to deliver positive productivity growth through their people.

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Partnering with cool HR vendors

Leadership as the key to success

Expertise and HR Consultancy


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We understand your challenges

Attracting & Retaining the Best Talent

Understanding what your great talent looks like and getting more of it.

Upskilling People to Achieve Business Goals

Finding, growing and transfering key skills to deliver the best products and services.

Improving Productivity

Identifying and using the elemental levers of productivity to get the most from your teams.

Engagement, commitment and the employee experience in the gig economy

Listening and understanding the motivational drivers of both macro and micro engagement in your business.

Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce at all levels

Countering unconscious bias so every unique individual feels supported in the goal to succeed.

Enabling an impactful data-driven HR function

Transforming the skills and strategies of HR leaders and functions to be invaluable to business success.

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At Tap’d we are your people engagement partner and, like you, we are passionate about people.

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We are a team of HR Professionals with real experience of delivering value-add projects in a variety of businesses.

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