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At Tap’d we understand modern organisations, their business challenges and the needs of their people.

Our development programmes, consultancy solutions and technologies are based on a foundation of research into human behaviour in the workplace. Each of the solutions we offer support CEOs and people leaders in the creation and implementation of all aspects of their workforce strategy.

It’s our belief that to truly overcome today’s people challenges, there is a joint responsibility for senior leaders, line managers and individual employees to make these strategies work. We act as the conduit to this process, forming solutions from joint diagnosis of the real underlying needs of your organisation and its stakeholders.

We enjoy working with our clients to support them in the here and now with any immediate tactical needs and also with long-term sustainable strategic projects.

Why do your peers choose to work with us? Quite simply, it’s not just our years of experience working within HR leadership roles, but they are delighted by the results and value we provide, the support they receive and our passion for creating transformational and positive change for their people.

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We understand your challenges

Building Resilience

Build Resilience in your Organisation, your Leaders and your Teams

Career Pathing & Skills Development

Build interactive and inspiring career pathway activities that entwine with your other talent and learning processes

Dispersed Team Leadership

Identify the critical behaviours needed by your leaders in the new working environment.

Employee Engagement

Listen and understand the motivational drivers of both macro and micro engagement in your business.

Executive Coaching

Unlock the potential of your leaders to maximise their own performance.

Organisational Effectiveness

We can support you in implementing change initiatives that will drive long-lasting success

Tap'd Online Courses

At Tap’d we have a suite of standalone virtual, live facilitated training sessions to support business leaders and HR teams to QUICKLY supply the tools, techniques, skills and knowledge to successfully lead and develop your teams. Covering topics such as remote working, remote team and building resilience, these courses are delivered live by our experienced virtual trainers, and available as internal courses for organisations of all sizes.

Tap'd Online

The Resilient Leader

Tap'd Online

Building Personal Resilience

Tap'd Online

Effective Remote Working

Tap'd Online

Effective Remote Team Leadership

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At Tap’d we are your people engagement partner and, like you, we are passionate about people.

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