Building Resilience: An organisational or an individual responsibility, or both?

July 2020

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020 have created challenging business environments for all sectors. Working with our customers we have seen an emphasis on certain behavioural characteristics that leaders, managers and employees need to cope, succeed and thrive during these difficult times. A number of these characteristics fall under the umbrella term of “Resilience”.

Yet, resilience, as a term, has been overused in blogs, articles and in media in recent months without much rigour around defining its elemental construction and how organisations can become “more resilient”. So, what is “resilience”? What are the building blocks of resilience and how can we measure it?

In this report we aim to explain how to help build resilience in your organisation through individual employees and the company itself.

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The Productivity Challenge: Understanding what CEOs and People Leaders need to do in 2020 and beyond

November 2019

CEOs are demanding action from their Exco teams and, in most organisations, the workforce is seen as the biggest challenge/opportunity to “improve” productivity, with the burden of resolving this falling often, on HR/People Leaders.

But what is productivity, really? And what actionable strategies can leaders employ to get productivity improvements?

In this report we investigate the topic of stalling productivity growth in the UK and identify six key focus areas where CEOs and HR Leaders can focus their efforts to deliver positive productivity growth through their people.

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