Enhancing engagement, wellbeing and inclusion: The latest HR practitioner and technology perspectives

Tuesday 14th May 2019
8:30 am – 12.30 pm

Creating the right environment for your people is a key priority for HR leaders in 2019. Find out the latest thinking from the largest HR professional body, a futurist HR AI researcher, one of the UK’s largest retailers and an HR technology innovator on how to develop a culture of engaged, happy and productive teams fit for your organisation.

Join us on Tuesday 14th May, from 8.30am – 12.30pm for our next Tap’d Solutions HR Forum, in partnership with our friends at Qlearsite. We will be joined by Jenni Workman, Your Voice Relationship Manager at John Lewis Partnership, Tony Vickers-Byrne, Chief Adviser for HR Practice at the CIPD, Megan Marie Butler, an AI research Analyst for HR at CognitionX and Peter Clark, co-Founder of Qlearsite, the organisational scientists, who together will share:

  • The future trends of how to truly engage your people
  • The latest HR AI technologies explained in a simple way to help connect the potential of your people to the right technologies to get a great employee experience
  • How to deal with shortages in key skills, employing and retaining the best possible employees in the current climate
  • How to address the productivity puzzle and other key challenges facing the UK
  • The theory, research and real examples of how technology can truly measure and positively affect inclusion.
  • How you uncover the steps that any company can take to look at future technology needs and then turn them into value-added actions.

Come and join us and be part of the discussion!

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Anthony Ryland, Founder & CEO, Tap’d Solutions

Anthony has a passion for helping organisations find solutions that enhance the employee experience, inclusion and engagement within diverse organisations. Bringing together knowledge and experience of leadership, talent, technologies and human behaviour to design and deliver the right activities to realise your people strategies.

Prior to founding Tap’d, Anthony held pan-European talent and leadership roles at organisations including Samsung Electronics, Xerox and ACS, which was preceded by 10 years in senior operational retail management.

How John Lewis Partnership is using AI technology to understand their people better
Jenni Workman, Your Voice Relationship Manager, John Lewis Partnership

Jenni joined the John Lewis Partnership in 2008 progressing through John Lewis stores and Distribution before joining the Waitrose recruitment team in 2012. Now, as Your Voice Relationship Manager, she is part of the Your Voice team responsible for the business wide voice activity that engages every Partner, as well as the election processes that forms the backbone of the John Lewis Partnership democracy. Jenni is passionate about people and working for the UK’s largest co-owned business.

In this session Jenni will use her experiences to explain the steps she and her team took to understand what they actually needed, how they navigated the supplier market and the outcomes they have achieved. This interesting session will uncover the steps that any company can take to look at future technology needs and then turn them into value-added actions.

“The Future of Work is Human”: HR adding real value in organisational productivity
Tony Vickers-Byrne, Chief Adviser for HR Practice, CIPD

In this session, Tony Vickers-Byrne from the CIPD will summarise how the CIPD is putting diversity and inclusion, employee wellbeing and employee engagement at the heart of its activity. Dealing with shortages in key skills, employing and retaining the best possible employees post-Brexit and addressing the productivity puzzle are key challenges facing UK employers. The support they receive from HR professionals has never been more important – the changing world of work means HR’s role in workforce and overall business strategy is critical to organisational success.

Tony will share recent research on effective business behaviours, including the clear value of offering flexible working to improve employee engagement, ensuring that our workplaces are truly fair, inclusive, safe and supportive. He will explore how people professionals can benefit their organisations, demonstrating the difference they can make in evolving strategic thinking.

Are the robots coming?: What every HR professional needs to know about AI in HR
Megan Marie Butler, AI Research Analyst, CognitionX

What is AI? Is it real? Can it really improve HR? How can it improve HR? Megan covers a basic introduction of AI, the impact it is having on HR, and some examples and case studies of AI in HR in action around engagement, wellbeing, inclusion and more!

Megan is the inhouse HR specialist at CognitionX, an AI specialist research house, and a PhD candidate at Leeds University Business School (LUBS). Her work is looking at the AI market for HR. Her interests include the practical application of AI in HR and its impact on the future of work. Bringing together more than 10 years of professional work in business and HR with an extensive academic background, Megan’s goal is to bridge the theoretical/practical gap with her research. Providing HR professionals and business leaders with insights and actionable advice.

Further speakers to be announced soon.


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