Unlocking the potential of your leaders to maximise their own performance.

Coaching for senior leaders and those identified with untapped potential is as popular today as it has been over the last few decades. But why does it maintain this popularity?

The simplest definition of coaching for us at Tap’d comes from Sir John Whitmore’s Coaching for Performance: “Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance”. A great coach has the ability to create a questioning environment where new thinking can happen that accelerates the coachee’s development and therefore produces higher quality organisational results. This arises through increased self-awareness, greater understanding of challenges and/or the ability to create a motivational, visualised “line-of-sight” to achievement.

Tap’d understands that choosing a coach is a troublesome occupation for a customer. We have a team of hand-picked associates who each have coaching specialisms and differing experience. We will work with you and the potential coachee to understand the specific requirements and will present a shortlist of relevant coaches from team. Our coaches are development and results-focused, who use behavioural assessment tools and 360 techniques when appropriate to broaden the impact of the coaching relationship.

Our coaches can provide references from previous coaching assignments and can supply proof of qualifications if requested. Our coaches are leaders in their fields with 100’s and, in cases, 1000’s of coaching hours experience to draw upon. Indeed, our depth of expertise is considerable enough to also be able to offer coaching courses if you require to set up an internal coaching network.

To ensure goal-focus in maintained, our coaching assignments are typically 6 to 8 sessions long for a single assignment, depending on the requirements. Larger assignments can be easily catered for however.

We provide can provide coaching as part of an executive development programme, transition coaching as part of a new role/promotion assignment, to overcome particular challenges or as part of a larger talent programme.

If you are interested in executive coaching and would like an initial conversation about possibilities, then please contact us at info@tapdsolutions.com.

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