Acro Aircraft Seating

Building foundations for growth at Acro Aircraft Seating

Acro Aircraft Seating – a rapidly growing organisation, based in the UK – have big plans for growth after investment from their new Chinese owners, ZTC. How could they achieve this “order of magnitude” growth yet still hold on to the best of their culture that made them the success they are today?

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Compass Group UK & Ireland

Selecting the best at Compass Group UK & Ireland

Melanie Hayes, Resourcing & Development Director, Compass Group UKI – a FTSE 100 organisation with 60,000 employees – wanted a better way to find exceptional talent for the varied roles across the organisation. Traditionally each division had operated a varied selection process which was making internal talent progression challenging.

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Global Marine Engineering and Environmental Sciences Organisation

Senior leader and people manager development

We partner with a global marine and environmental sciences organisation to deliver a co-ordinated 2-tier programme of senior leader and people manager development. After extensive data gathering from senior stakeholders throughout the business, we developed a programme of blended courses which used the latest in ‘team development’ virtual technologies, which had an underlying theme of personality profiling and 360 feedback. Experiential face-to-face modules were delivered to global teams in different geographical locations which increased collaboration and team-working across divisions.

Digital Marketing Organisation

We supported a leading digital marketing agency with one of its key cultural challenges. With its employees coming from a predominantly young demographic, the company had a challenge of handling a high degree of raw openness between its colleagues. Using experiential learning we designed a learning session for both managers and employees to enable everyone in the organisation to support a positive cultural shift to improve feedback.

Government Regulatory Body

Leadership development and career pathways

Working for a government regulatory body we teamed up with one of our technology partners to offer a leadership development and career pathway solution that delivered bite-size leadership learning over a 12-month period on a “just-in-time” principle. Key topics included: performance, feedback, development, hiring and business transformation.   The programme also contained an action learning element, which allowed change to be truly embedded in a team environment.

Growing Restaurant Chain

Restaurant general manager management

We supported the growth of a London restaurant chain in the development of its restaurant general managers.  The chain wanted to enhance the customer service it offered its diners. The combination of a leadership development programme (which comprised of a series of one-day modules) and targeted coaching helped deliver a shift in manager effectiveness.