We love seeking out emerging cool technologies in the HR space!

One thing that Tap’d Solutions is really passionate about is seeking out emerging cool technologies in the HR space that assist organisations in identifying the best people and can help create an engaging environment with a great inclusive employee experience.

We believe that the right solution in the right place for your organisation can help you achieve this.

How do we do this? Well, at Tap’d we are curious. Curious about the possibility of “What if?”. We seek out knowledge in the world of engagement, employee experience and inclusion – the drivers of productive teams of people. We share this knowledge with our Tap’d network through Forums, Webinars and our podcast channel, Tap’d Talks HR.

This understanding of the drivers of human behaviour in the workplace allows us to understand what technologies “work” and what technologies are “fads” or “lacking in depth”. It also allows us to explore possibilities with you and your organisation. We understand HR being HR professionals and specialists ourselves. We can help you get to grips with your people issues and help uncover the root of these issues.

Sometimes the solution will not involve technology and we deliver results here. Yet with the emergence of machine learning and “smart” technologies that can give a consumer experience, there is often a blended solution that will work specifically for your needs.

The great thing is that Tap’d are not tied to one solution. We seek out and partner with those who are the best in their field. This builds confidence with our customers. Indeed, we have been called “our trusted HR tech partner” by our customers. We bring together the HR and people experience and the knowledge of the HR tech market around engagement, the employee experience and inclusion.

We can also wrap our own “analogue” solutions around the “digital” technologies, maximising the impact on your organisations. We see few others in the market who can do this.

Have a look at our “Solutions” pages within our website and email us at info@tapdsolutions.com today to start a conversation that may transform the experience of the employees in your organisation, producing real value to your business and stakeholders.

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