Listening and understanding the motivational drivers of both macro and micro engagement in your business.

It is well established now that Engagement is directly linked to results in business. However, traditional engagement methods are not as fit for purpose as they were previously. With just under 40% of workers planning to move jobs this year, how does the organisation hold on to the best. Being offered a company car is not now as motivating as it once was. The rewards of the job itself and the team you are part of are bigger retention topics. HR Leaders need to listen more AND act on what they hear in a shorter timeframe before their ever more transient workforce come and go.

Tap’d Solutions can offer experienced consultancy in the area of employee and worker engagement and experience. We can help design and deliver annual and pulse survey capabilities that help you listen to your people. We additionally obtain great qualitative additional data from focus groups and 1-2-1s. We mine this data using analytics to get real insight connecting engagement data to financial and performance data. We help translate this insight into real actions and have the capability of delivering these subsequent projects.

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