We believe great leadership gives talent a chance to shine.

At Tap’d we have years of experience of seeing the direct results between enabling people leaders and an observable increase in engagement, the employee experience and inclusion.

We really, and we mean REALLY, believe that great leadership unlocks team potential to be amazing and deliver results, and gives talent a chance to shine.

Put simply, we use a model called “Macro and Micro Engagement”. You could envisage it as like a seesaw or balance scales of how to create a healthy and positive culture that produces performance. You need both in the right quantities to create real, lasting engagement.

What is Macro Engagement? This is the collection of activities that create the organisation-wide frameworks for engagement and inclusion within the workplace. This can be from feedback mechanisms and wellbeing activities to intranet content and employee self-service. i.e. the organisation-wide structure.

So, what is Micro Engagement? This is that hour-by-hour, day-by-day experience individuals in your organisation feel about the world around them. This is the relationship with their manager, how they feel as part of the team and their overall feeling of worth of purpose as part of your organisation. It is their feeling of inclusion and sense of belonging…

…and this can be built or destroyed by the leader of the team.

And, in the current world of work, the leader does not need to be positional to have an effect on this. They are the one that has the most influence on setting the direction of team and individual activity and therefore the level of inclusion and belonging for each person.

The leader takes the organisation vision and strategy and translates it into the “why? and what?” that the individual will either relate to, or not. It is THE pivotal relationship within the whole organisation. No matter how great your Macro Engagement activities, the capability of your people leaders will create or destroy organisational success.

This is why you will see within our solutions at Tap’d a strong focus on leaders and how to understand the skills they need and how to develop them.

Leaders are as important now to an organisation as they have ever been. Read our “Solutions” pages for more information or email us at info@tapdsolutions.com. Let’s start a great conversation.

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