Maximise current leader, future talent & team productivity - linking output-focused learning and performance metrics

The workplace is currently undergoing one of the biggest upheavals since the advent of the industrial revolution. The latest research estimates that 50% of the current jobs today will have gone within the next 10 years due to automation and AI capability bringing “autonomous” roles – job functions that do not need any input from humans – dark manufacturing sites, first line call centres run by bots, etc.

However, we are not all going to be unemployed and this is the HR challenge! This freedom from roles that we currently see as administrative toil will change how we work. If we look back a generation and see how mobile devices and the internet have changed the volume of work we can achieve in a day, this will leap again over the next 10 years. This rapid change though cannot be left to the organic change in human behaviour.

To prepare for this we need to upskill our leaders to be able to better serve this new digital and dispersed workforce. Being a highly Emotionally Intelligent leader has never been so important to motivate this new workforce. The corporate office is dying. Collaborative, flexible and shared office space will be the norm (see spaces like WeWork etc). This hardens he task of keeping team members feeling valued and motivated.

All our people need to be better prepared to relearn and take on new skills and jobs as our organisations change. The businesses that enable simple and engaging ways to learn, evolve and collaborate will win over the next 10 years…

How we can help…

Tap’d can support you through this leadership and learning revolution. We can deliver tangible change in the way your leaders interact with the business and their people. We enable your managers to think more expansively about the impact they have on their teams, productivity and the employee experience.

We provide technology and consultancy that makes web-based learning simple to create, easy to distribute and effortless to track. Combining this with links into performance management we can together create an ecosystem for linking learning, performance and productivity.

Furthermore, we can embed this step-change in thinking into your organisation with blended, multiple format offerings that fit around your busy people’s work lifestyles in a cost-effective way.

We do this by:

  • Designing and delivering the latest leadership development interventions through focused action learning, virtual facilitation, simulation software, coaching etc.
  • Providing the latest technology in the learning, leadership and performance coaching space.
  • Unpicking the complex picture of high productivity within your organisation using our expertise, tools and technology – predicting outcomes based on your current performance and future goals.
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