It's time to engage more effectively with your people

The employee survey is still the single most powerful way of understanding how your people are feeling at a particular snapshot in time. However, this vast vault of data is often skimmed for easy-to-spot insight in an isolated way that doesn’t mine the value that it contains for your business or organisation.

Tap’d have teamed up with Qlearsite and have already helped organisations get “smart” with their surveys to get actionable insight linked to other HR data with real ROI attached.

How do we do it? Qlearsite call it QlearSurvey.

By combining the latest Analytics power with NLP (Natural Language Processing) machine learning, Qlearsite work with you to understand the key drivers of success for your organisation and create a survey of both Likert scale and open-ended questions, giving you the maximum data and insight from the minimum number of questions. Previous customers have been impressed and amazed at the power that NLP can bring to the employee survey when powerful analytics are used in conjunction with other HR data.

Indeed, Gartner recently gave Qlearsite the “Cool Vendor Award for 2018” for a survey capability around Inclusion that was seen as best in class.

So, what can QlearSurvey enable you to achieve?

QlearSurvey gives you the ability to have shorter surveys with greater impact. Qlearsite don’t believe in ticking boxes. Instead, their technology identifies a very small number of questions that will be the most predictive of future behaviour. Your people respond in their own words and the Qlearsite technology analyses the results.

  • ‘Census’, ‘Pulse’ or ‘Deep Dive’ surveys
  • Open-ended feedback
  • Higher response rates, lower survey fatigue

QlearSurvey gives you the ability to “listen at scale”. Using natural-language processing (NLP) their technology turns thousands of responses into quantifiable themes that can be measured and tracked. As a result, you get insights into sentiment, behaviours, risks and opportunities in a way that has never been possible before.

  • Real-time survey analysis.
  • Understand the voice of the employee.
  • Quantify your qualitative data.
  • Mitigate human bias.

QlearSurvey gives you the ability to prove the ROI of engagement. You can finally place a monetary value on engagement because Qlearsite’s technology shows how engagement drives key behaviours including attrition, absence and productivity.

  • Model workforce initiatives
  • Calculate financial impact
  • Inform workforce strategy
  • Secure investment

QlearSurvey gives you the ability to move from insight to action. Survey results are delivered to your managers and teams through interactive dashboards alongside clear recommendations and actions to drive organisational change.

  • Key Drivers and Observations
  • Personalised team feedback
  • Clear action planner

Qlearsite and Tap’d combine to give you the next generation in employee survey capability – the best consultants with the best technology. Speak to us to hear some of the customer successes we have had from a variety of sectors.

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