It's time to engage more effectively with your people

At Tap’d we are absolutely committed to helping our customers engage more effectively with the people in their business. Asking for and acting on regular feedback – helps people feel valued and part of your organisation’s “family”.

We offer a survey solution that delivers a co-ordinated and flexible approach to continuous listening. A solution that provides the insight that you need to raise engagement.

Our expert methodology helps you to understand what drives the people in your business. We craft powerful people questions with you – questions that quickly get to the insight needed to drive business success.

Using the latest engagement technology, you can decide on the balance between annual census survey and more tactical pulse/poll surveys to suit your organisation. This unique flexibility allows you to alter this feedback blend over time to suit your evolving culture. The wealth of data from your surveys can then be analysed using our powerful technology, speeding up the path from insight to action and tangible results. Many of our customers also find that Engagement projects provide a perfect start point for the wider adoption of ground-breaking people analytics technology in their business.

So what’s stopping you?

The Power of Pulse

Using our Tap’d practitioner’s expertise we help you unpick your people culture and together craft the optimum listening strategy for your business. With the ability to flex between standardised questions with global norms and specific questions about your business needs – all within the same survey – you can find the answers you need to help make positive impact with your people.

Our experts at Tap’d adjust the level of consultancy to fit your specific needs. We have a proven and flexible methodology. We match your survey strategy to your Yearly People Cycle and your Employee Journey.

Take Control of Your Conversations

Most survey providers like control. They are the only ones who can ask a question. They produce the insight and they keep your data. Frustrating isn’t it.

With our survey solution we work with you to form the most powerful questions. We agree that experience in designing surveys is a skill and the vast majority of our customers use us for this, especially for the annual survey element.

We can craft specific surveys for you around certain events. For example, creating a 90-day survey for those you are onboarding to ensure they have landed in your organisation well. Or an exit survey to ensure consistency and the ability to quickly obtain this data for trend analysis.

Whatever your approach to your listening strategy, you get full access to the software. This means that you can write a one-off survey. You can update the hierarchy structure yourself. You can access your results and data. Flexible and simple. In a world of online media where feedback is asked for and given at an ever increasing rate, having a survey solution and support structure that is flexible and quick is a necessity.

Activate with People Analytics

If you have been reading the HR media recently you will know that People Analytics is a hot topic. At Tap’d, we often hear that the blocker to starting this journey is that data within an organisation is not pure and/or is not available. You want to start your Analytics Journey but the effort in overcoming this data blockage is perceived as too great.

We ensure we give you the perfect technology to both interact with your people and act upon feedback received from these interactions.

The addition of an industry leading analytics package to our survey service allows you to mine your survey data with free text questions, helping you quickly make data driven decisions. You can explore your data, utilise predictive analytics and assemble an interactive “story” – adding credibility and science to the presentation of engagement data. Survey data that is fresh, current and accurate provides an excellent basis for analytics and adds weight senior management decision making.

And, in addition you can also create insight on how engagement is connected to performance.

Take your performance data from other systems and literally “drag and drop” for quick and powerful analysis, comparisons and identification of anomalies.

Ask us at Tap’d about how survey and analytics can be a game changer for your business.

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