Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our new report on leadership behaviours and the needs of the team and individual, as we navigate our way through the current pandemic. Entitled “Dispersed Team Leadership”, we look at the uncertain business and social landscape that organisations are dealing with at the moment, and the implications this has for leaders and workplace culture.

The first few months of 2020 initiated one of the most impactful periods of change for society and organisations in modern times, outside of periods of conflict and war. The stable routines of populations were disrupted and businesses found themselves with strategies that were less useful, or typically, irrelevant. The pace of change affected everyone, all levels of society and in a global fashion. Supply chains were disrupted, passenger travel was highly restricted and the workplace, for most people, changed considerably. Now, with the dust settling, we are starting to see that there has been a shift in human behaviour that will, in all probability, be for the long-term.

Our Dispersed Team Leadership model focuses on the leadership and team behaviours that need to be amplified or “dialled up” to succeed in a much-changed workplace. If this sounds like a familiar challenge to you, then download our report now and contact us about our Dispersed Team Leadership diagnostic that can help you focus on the most needed areas within your organisation.