Identify the critical behaviours needed by your leaders in the new working environment

Leading fragmented teams has become a reality for many leaders and managers in 2020. Coronavirus has initiated one of the most rapid and impactful periods of change for society and organisations in modern times outside of periods of conflict and war. The pace of change has affected everyone, all levels of society and in a global fashion.

Now that some months have passed and the dust has settled we are starting to see that there has been a shift in human behaviour that will, in all probability, be for the long-term, fuelled by a virus that will re-emerge sporadically over the coming years with an increased level of background anxiety now in the general population regarding close proximity to others. Coronavirus has accelerated future work behaviour to the present. Tap’d Solutions’ research team have developed the Dispersed Team Leadership model that identifies behaviours and characteristics that leaders need to amplify or “dial up” to adapt to fragmented and remote working teams of employees.

Our research identified five areas of focus for dispersed team leader and team development:

  • The Leader: The Leader’s own self-reflection and self-awareness
  • The Team Member: The individualised leader contact with each team member
  • The Dispersed Team: Empowering the team and creating an informal collaborative environment
  • Dispersed Leadership Behaviours: Interacting positively and effectively with the team
  • Contemporary Team Skills: Understanding the external world and utilising flexible decision making

Our research looked at both people-centric and task-centric behaviours. The Dispersed Team Leadership model brings together the latest thinking in leadership theory, the concepts of positive psychology and emotional intelligence, observations from recent months and our own professional experiences at Tap’d.

How we can help your organisation

To assist organisations build the capability of the leaders, managers and dispersed team members, we have designed a flexible and modular approach. To understand your current strengths and needs we have designed a Dispersed Team Leadership diagnostic tool which can lead initial discussions and can be completed internally with your stakeholders. We also offer our diagnostic as an online internal leadership feedback survey to facilitate quick and thorough needs analysis across your dispersed leadership population. We then work with you to analyse this data and use our modular content to configure a packaged solution that meets your favoured delivery methods, timelines and budget.

Live Facilitator-Led Online Workshops

Each of the five themes and thirteen sub-themes of the Tap’d Dispersed Team Leadership model have been developed as standalone modules that can be combined in bespoke ways to complement any existing work your organisation has conducted in this area in 2020. We can absorb any organisation-specific terminology into our live facilitated workshops.

Our team of experienced facilitators deliver online live workshops from senior leaders to general employees. Our typical sessions usually cater for up to 25 people to allow the creation of open discussion, which is a crucial aspect of embedding new knowledge and learning. We usually recommend spacing modules into small clusters to allow focus on the workshops yet allowing time between clusters to practice new skills and reflect upon experiences at the following module cluster.

Further details about each module’s content is available on request.

Dispersed Team Leadership Coaching

To support key members of your leadership team we offer structured coaching packages. Over a number of focused sessions, we help leaders self-reflect and develop strategies around their own self-awareness as a leader, followed by focusing on key themes and sub-themes of the Dispersed Team Leadership model. A version of our diagnostic tool is used to guide the coaching conversation to the area of most individual need. We also provide the ability to administer 360˚ leadership feedback tools to assist the coaching process (or can utilise any internal 360˚ process your organisation may already have).

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