The 2020s is already shaping up to become one of the most dynamic decades for a long time from an employment and worker experience point of view. There is a growing convergence of many phenomena that is, and will, affect the working lives of our people. Examples include:

  • The extending length of careers, forcing many people to re-skill as new job roles arrive and old ones disappear.
  • The social and personal development expectations of employees as part of the psychological contract is growing.
  • The maturation of Globalisation in commerce versus the continued rise of national political protectionism.
  • Shareholders are increasingly demanding quicker returns in ever more uncertain economic times, especially with the slowing growth of eastern markets.
  • The retail sector is seeing its first shrinkage in a generation with over 100,000 retail jobs lost in the UK within the last year.
  • 15% of the working population are now classified as self-employed/contractor status.
  • The effects of climate change are forcing organisations to change their way of working from societal, employee and therefore economic pressures.

In short, the challenges that an average worker is going to be expected to deal with in the coming 10 years is greater than in any peacetime decade of modern history.

The wellbeing of our people is based upon their feeling of being in control of their destiny and having the ability to emotionally and physically “deal with” the pressure, change and transformation of their work.

Our role, as HR and People professionals in the 2020s, is to help educate and develop our people in how to stay continuously relevant in the job market (and hopefully our own organisations) and to give them a feeling of worth and purpose through great leadership, creating and acting on dialogue with them and giving them great workplace experiences through a positive organisation environment.

Our first Tap’d HR Forum of the 2020s, in partnership with Fuel50, kicks off in March with a great speaker line up that will look at the mental health of our people and how we can support them in pressurised environments.  They will share research and understanding on how identities and careers are affected through our working lives and how engagement, inclusion, skills development and great leadership can support organisations in achieving their results through a positive approach to workforce productivity.

Join us on the morning of Tuesday 3rd March 2020 in London to hear from insightful speakers, including: Caroline Lindner, Senior Manager, Global Communications and Engagement at Norton Rose Fulbright LLP, Tatiana Rowson, Programme Director, at Henley Business School, and Laura Pettitt, Talent & Engagement Director, at News UK,  network with your peers and join the discussions on how, as HR and people professionals, we can make a difference in this new decade.

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