Listening and understanding the motivational drivers of both macro and micro engagement in your business.

It is well known that employee engagement is directly linked to results in business. However, traditional engagement methods are not as fit for purpose as they once were.

With the world of work seeming to be turned upside-down at the moment in many sectors, how does the organisation hold on to the best? Material rewards and recognition is not now as motivating as it once was. The rewards of the job itself and the team you are part of are potentially more-effective retention topics. HR Leaders need to listen more AND act on what they hear in a shorter timeframe before their ever more transient workforce come and go from the organisation.

At Tap’d we offer technology and experienced consultancy in the area of employee engagement and experience. Through our partnership with Qlearsite we can supply and tailor annual and pulse surveys that help you listen to your people. By combining the latest analytics power with NLP (Natural Language Processing) machine learning, we can work with you to understand the key drivers of success for your organisation and create a powerful survey of both Likert scale and open-ended questions, which give you the maximum data and insight from the minimum number of questions.

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