Recently we were delighted to have Fiona Ryland, Executive Director of UCL, on our “Lunch and Learn” webinar series. Our very own Andi Roberts was in conversation around “what HR leaders should be focusing on in 2018”.

Andi opened with a concise view of the business landscape and challenges in 2018 around Brexit, productivity, skills, employee engagement, the impact of HR and driving change through your leaders.

This set the scene for some great insight and ideas from Fiona’s experience as a senior HR professional as the conversation unfolded. Amongst these great insights, Fiona explained how she challenged the idea of a traditional survey and focused on linking manager performance and development to feedback to create “great days at work” for all employees.

Throughout this 30-minute conversation there were numerous insights and examples from both Andi and Fiona of how HR leaders can understand the business landscape better and have more impact at the top table. This includes using insight from whatever data you have, as no-one has perfect data.

At the end of the open conversation we took questions from the live listeners and also asked a poll question about the challenges facing the audience in 2018 with some interesting results. Which would you choose out of the following as your biggest challenge in 2018? Find out the results by listening to the webinar…

  • Finding the right skills to deliver great service/product
  • Improving productivity across part or all of your business
  • Enhancing engagement, enriching the employee experience
  • Improving the impact HR has on the organisation
  • Obtaining the right leaders and behaviours for great teams

To hear the conversation from Fiona Ryland and Andi Roberts in full please click on the link below and feel free to share with your colleagues.


We’ll be back in January with another “Lunch and Learn” webinar for HR and People leaders. Don’t forget to get in touch with us at Tap’d if you want to talk more about your own people challenges in your business.

Happy New Year!