Over the last few months at Tap’d we have been talking to our network and conducting research on the important and extensive topic of Productivity in the UK in 2019. We have grappled with the size of the topic as we felt that there was a lack of analysis on this area. News reports highlight a “productivity issue” in the UK and other Western countries but why is this and what are the actual impacts that your organisation might experience.

Our research has focused on what CEOs and HR Leaders can do to identify their own issues around productivity and how to draw plans together to improve productivity in their organisations.

Our new white paper, The Productivity Challenge: Understanding what CEOs and People Leaders need to do in 2020 and beyond, examines workforce productivity: the people in the organisation who are your competitive advantage and who create the “value add” that makes your organisation successful.

We look at the wider implications of a changing world that is making a focus on productivity a priority for your workforce. Our research uncovers how, as strategic business leaders, we potentially need to adapt our thinking and leadership behaviour for the future, compared to the way we have worked in the past.

Our research and interviews have helped us identify 6 key areas that CEOs and HR Leaders need to focus on that could reignite productivity growth.

I am pleased to announce that, as of today, you can download a copy of our report for free using the link below…

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