Identifying and using the elemental levers of productivity to get the most from your teams.

The UK has been rated as one of the lowest for productivity in Europe for a number of years. The issue of productivity is now becoming a higher priority for Executive teams as the weakening Pound has led to higher material costs and other financial pressures on the business. HR Leaders are now being asked to deal with low productivity and raise this to make cost savings across the business. This is a complex challenge for HR Leaders to approach as many factors are at play when you try to break down productivity into it’s constituent parts.

Tap’d Solutions can use its expertise, tools and technology to help HR Leaders understand their productivity issues in their business. We do this by breaking productivity down into its constituent parts and analysing each element for improvement through both qualitative and quantitative methods. These include such areas as the way the business organises itself, investigating the mindset towards change, increasing accountability, creating recognition strategies for the right behaviours and highlighting if resources are in place.

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