Build interactive and inspiring career pathway activities that entwine with your other talent and learning processes

The concept of “Career” has been around for over 100 years, starting in the banking industry as a way to bring employees into line (promotion and pay rewards for good behaviour) as the sector expanded dramatically. A century later and hierarchies are flatter or almost non-existent and the concept of career is now mainly down to the employee to drive. If employees feel their personal growth is not happening, then they may willingly move on to a new role externally to continue their “career narrative” and employability.

Tap’d have partnered with the innovative solution provider Fuel50 to bring the best technology and consultants together to enable HR Leaders to build an interactive and inspiring career pathway framework that entwines with your other talent and learning processes.

So, what is Fuel50?

Fuel50 is an award-winning career pathing platform that delivers engagement and retention impact to employees in organisations (many of the FTSE 250 and Fortune 500) all around the world. Employees are given the keys to their careers by mapping their personalised career path and connecting with mentors, coaches and colleagues, while leaders are also enabled to deliver better quality coaching conversations.

Results for our clients have been impressive. Companies using Fuel50 see measurable results, with attrition being reduced by up to 50% and engagement uplifts are in the realm of 3-30% within every company deploying Fuel50.

The platform:

  • Uses machine learning and powerful algorithms to match your employees with internal opportunities while also showing them insightful gap analysis — what they’re good at, and what they need to work on to better prepare them for their next step.
  • Gives you the ability to create an agile, fully-mobilised workforce. Fuel50’s award-winning, gamified, employee experience platform improves the retention of key talent and empowers employees to take charge of their own careers.
  • Gives you the ability to evolve your entire workforce for the future. Truly understand your workforce by equipping your leaders with a powerful machine-learning platform complete with employee-driven data and resources to help them deliver powerful career growth conversations.

What are the key elements of Fuel50?

  • Gamified tools and exercises
  • Real-time career pathing
  • Succession and talent development
  • 360° feedback and growth
  • Next-gen performance management
  • Gigs and stretch-growth assignments
  • Mentors and self-driven learning
  • Fully-integrated platform built on powerful AI
  • Highly secure and robust HR technology
  • Best-in-class onboarding and low-touch support

A great thing about Fuel50 is that is comes as a modular approach and allows you to build the platform around your existing implementations and/or grow it in planned stages to ensure a successful roll out with well thought through employee comms plans.

Our team at Tap’d can also provide specific behaviour training for your leaders to ensure that the right conversations are being had around the technology to create an engaging experience for all of your employees.

If career pathing sounds like something your organisation can benefit from then get in touch with us at Tap’d and we can start a great conversation!

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