Building Resilience in your Organisation, your Leaders and your Teams

Resilience is fast becoming the most necessary characteristic that an organisation needs in 2020 as both a capacity and as an active process. In other words, an organisation needs to have a level of latent resilience in its processes and culture as a way of dealing with unexpected traumatic events as and when they arise.

Tap’d has researched the aspects of both the work environment and the intrapersonal behaviours and characteristics that come together to create a resilient workforce. From this we have created a model to characterise resilience from two key directions:

  • From the organisation view, what are the activities in an organisation that can impact on the resilience of the workforce, both teams and individuals.
  • From the individual employee view, what behaviours and thinking mechanisms that promote a sense of resilience within ourselves so that we can take on and cope with the challenges that are presented to us, both as an employee and as a leader.

Our research suggests that the organisation can affect the culture of resilience through the areas of communication, collaboration and social support.

It also shows that the individual can learn to increase their resilience by focusing on the areas of optimism, reframing issues, personal drive and adaptability.

We also found that there is a shared focus of overlap where the organisation and the individual can both have a substantial impact on the level of control, having a sense of purpose and a healthy wellbeing and balance in their lives.

How we help organisations build resilience

To assist organisations in building the capacity of resilience in their processes, culture, leadership and employees, we offer a package of solutions that can be tailored in different ways depending on your needs:

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