Powering workforce productivity

Qlearsite is an impressive next stage in the evolution of HR Analytics. It combines robust predictive analytics with Natural Language Processing, anabling you to mine you existing dat and then ask “open” questions to really understanding the experience of your employees. With financial return modelling as well, Qlearsite stands head and shoulders above the pack in people analytics.

Become an organisational scientist…

Qlearsite’s workforce analytics can tell you what is happening today, why it is happening, and crucially, what you can make happen tomorrow.

Your organisation is a gold mine for data that is waiting to be transformed into actionable insights. Qlearsite’s technology enables you to use these insights to improve recruitment effectiveness, reduce absenteeism, decrease attrition, enhance engagement whilst also improving the working lives of your people.

What drives Qlearsite's technology?

Cutting Edge Machine Learning

Our technology is constantly learning and evolving, this means you always have the most accurate insights into your workforce to give the confidence to plan for the future.

Intuitive Analytics

Interact and explore your data the way you want to. We make it easy to understand your workforce data – no analytics experience necessary.

Natural Language Processing

We can process and understand the opinions and sentiment expressed in the language used by your people. It has been built using methods trained on 100s of millions of documents.

Qlearsite is built around three key functions:

Hindsight:  What is happening?

Have a clear view about what is currently taking place inside of your business. Understand how your workforce is structured demographically, functionally and behaviourally.

Insight:  Why is it happening?

By analysing employee language as well as systems data, we identify the root causes behind the trends in your workforce and associated behaviour. This creates a richer, more complete picture of the organisation and the hidden, underlying issues requiring urgent attention.

Foresight:  What happens next?

Equip yourself with the ability to shape your organisation’s future by being clear as to what behaviours are likely to provide the greatest benefits for all stakeholders.

Qlearsite targets critical HR issues:

Qlearsite has a range of “focus areas” to improve workforce productivity: powerful on their own, transformative in combination.

Recruit:  Identify the candidates that will fit, perform and stay in your organisation.

Choosing the right measures to find the right people is difficult. How can we know if any methods are truly predictive of future success? The answer is typically buried within vast volumes of data generated throughout the candidate journey, be that a score, a written assessment, or a piece of invaluable feedback about their experience. We can correlate different recruitment methods with measures of success and confidently predict the most effective methods for recruiting your people.

Retain:  Understand how to retain your employees today and stop them from leaving tomorrow.

Recruiting, hiring and training new employees is extremely costly. All too often, attrition risk is only realised when people start leaving the organisation, by which time it is too late. Proactively retaining and developing the best people, maximises their potential and reduces risk. Qlearsite gives you the ability to analyse and interpret your workforce data so that you can:

  • Determine the primary drivers of attrition.
  • Discover what distinguishes committed employees from leavers.
  • Design personalised interventions to help retain talent.

Include:  Establish an inclusive culture to improve the employee experience and productivity.

Diversity is good for business but to realise this potential, all employees need to feel included, able to contribute to the success of the business and be their authentic selves. Metrics to understand both diversity and inclusion are key, you can’t improve what you can’t measure. We have created the first workforce analytics tool to quantify how truly inclusive workplaces are according to a range of natural language and demographic measures.

Engage:  Connect engagement to real employee behaviours to build action plans that deliver real value.

Organisations have been measuring engagement the same way for the last 30 years; annual surveys, using old frameworks based off other company’s data. It is time for a new approach using modern methods. We prefer small, regular ‘pulse’ surveys using carefully crafted open-ended questions to reveal what people truly think and feel. We unlock value by linking the results to actual employee behaviour which means we can also calculate the financial impact of future action plans.

Listen:  Start conversations to understand the critical moments in the employee experience.

Make feedback a constant in your organisation’s culture and way of working. Research shows that people want their leaders to explain things better and listen to their views as to how things can be improved. Using our Natural Language Processing techniques, we can collect and understand the words used by your employees at key moments in their experience E.g. after recruitment process or returning from maternity leave. Engage in dialogue at the most relevant time to get the highest quality feedback.

Your workforce analytics engine

Together with Qlearsite, we can analyse any and all types of data in your organisation. In practical terms, this means data held within the core HR systems, business performance metrics and most importantly all qualitative data that records the interactions between employees and the employer.

Collectively this represents a complete view of everything recorded about employees within the businesses we support. This people ‘big data’ is the input that enables the most comprehensive, powerful analysis of an organisation that has previously never been possible.

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