The latest evolution of Predictive Analytics

The Tap’d Solutions and Qlearsite partnership brings the latest evolution of predictive HR Analytics and best-in-class consultancy to the C-Suite and senior people leaders of your organisation.

Qlearsite combines robust analytics with Natural Language Processing, enabling you to mine your existing data, both quantitative and qualitative, with the ability to model future financial returns through ROI-linked predictive analytics.

Qlearsite’s workforce analytics can tell you what is happening today, why it is happening, and crucially, what you can make happen tomorrow.

Your organisation is a gold mine for data that is waiting to be transformed into actionable insights. Qlearsite’s technology enables you to use these insights to improve such areas as:

  • recruitment effectiveness
  • reducing absenteeism
  • decreasing attrition
  • enhancing engagement
  • solving YOUR people issues

How does the Qlearsite technology achieve this?

  1. Cutting-Edge Machine Learning – The Qlearsite technology is constantly learning and evolving. This means you always have the most accurate insights into your workforce to give the confidence to plan for the future.
  2. Intuitive Analytics – The ability to combine, interact and explore your data the way you want to. Qlearsite makes it easy to understand your workforce data – no analytics experience is necessary as the team at Qlearsite and Tap’d can do the “heavy lifting” for you.
  3. Natural Language Processing (NLP) – Qlearsite can process and understand the opinions and sentiment expressed in the language used by your people. It has been built using methods trained on 100s of millions of documents. Combining your qualitative data with your quantitative data gives you new levels of understanding the hidden drivers of your people and culture, from the macro to the micro.

Qlearsite is built around three key functions:

Hindsight:  What is happening now?

With Hindsight, Qlearsite will help identify the most appropriate data within your organisation to solve your critical people issues. They use their purpose-built wrangler to combine your data sets together and load them into the Qlearsite tool. This allows you to analyse the structure of your data to have a full understanding of the current state of play within your organisation.

Insight:  Why is it happening?

The Insight module enables you to analyse both “qualitative” employee language data as well as “quantitative” systems data. The Qlearsite Insight tool can assist with identifying the root causes behind the trends in your workforce and the associated behaviours within your organisation culture. This creates a richer, more complete picture of the organisation and the hidden, underlying issues requiring urgent attention.

Foresight:  What happens next?

The Foresight module really starts driving ROI within your organisation. By combining known cost metrics with insight gained, the Qlearsite Foresight module can start predicting both outcomes in the future and also the cost savings involved of acting on these. The result is a compelling story based on real data that provides evidence for budget investment into people activities.

Qlearsite call this solution “Predict”:

“The ability to search, compute and visualise your people data to help answer your strategic workforce questions”

The ability to evidence your beliefs. Predict the impact that workforce trends, initiatives and sentiment will have upon your organisation. Powered by advanced machine learning technology, our platform will help you to plan with confidence and conviction. (Hypothesis development, driver analysis).

The ability to connect complex data. Pull all of your people data into one cloud-based system that you can access via intuitive dashboards. What this gives you is pure simplicity – a single, clean view of your data to enable clear, consistent analysis without any conflicts.

The ability to simplify priorities. Identify the actions that are most likely to change employee behaviour. Our proprietary AI will show you which data is predictive and most important to inform your decisions and plans.

The ability to understand the future. Understand what is most likely to happen next for any key groups of employees so that you can anticipate the future with confidence.

And, most importantly, the ability to get stakeholder buy-in. Qlearsite gives you the evidence to make a case for proposals, giving you the ability to place a monetary value on impacts – improving your chances of securing buy-in and getting your projects off the ground.

What are your business-critical HR and people issues? Contact us at Tap’d today and let us discuss how HR and People leaders can get to grips with their data and hone it into real insight!

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