The importance of asking the right survey questions

27th March 2018
1:00pm – 1:30pm

Your employees want to be heard. They want their thoughts and feelings, especially about the workplace, to be valued. In fact, your organisation is a gold mine for data that is just waiting to be transformed into actionable insights. The common challenge among all HR leaders is the usefulness of any insight from the employee survey.

We know the issues. Managers don’t encourage participation, action plans are not actioned and in many cases the questions asked are simply not fit for purpose.

Join us on Tuesday 27th March for our next Tap’d Solutions lunch and learn webinar, from 1.00pm – 1.30pm where we’ll be discussing these issues with Dr. Kathryn Crowcroft with the aim of showing how by asking better questions to your people you can transform the employee experience.

Our lunchtime discussion will include how you can:

  • ensure you ask the most powerful questions to give targeted insight
  • inject empathy into your question design to elicit the best response from your people
  • introduce “smarter surveys” to maximise insight and enhance employee engagement with your feedback strategy


Anthony Ryland
Managing Director, Tap’d Solutions

Anthony provides thought leadership across Talent, Analytics and Technology. He supports our clients in identifying the right solutions and most importantly runs the business on a day-to-day basis. Prior to launching Tap’d Solutions Anthony held senior Talent and Learning & Development roles at Geko Direct, Syan, ACS, Xerox and most recently Samsung Electronics.

Dr Kathryn Crowcroft,
Consultant, Qlearsite 

Dr Kathryn Crowcroft is a writer, gender relations expert, and ethnographer who works at the interface of academia and industry. Her research looks at the interactions between corporate and social health, morality, and purpose. She has delivered lectures at the Judge Business School, Cambridge, Harvard, and Yale universities, and in 2016 was a BBC New Generation Thinker finalist.


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