Employee Experience: How can you foster a positive and collaborative culture in your organisation?

17th January 2018

As we enter 2018 it is a good time to reflect about what changes we are going to make as HR and people leaders in our organisations. Modern work life is changing rapidly as our habits and practices outside of work are leaking into our cultures inside our businesses. One hot topic is creating a self-sustaining culture where your people experience a positive, reinforcing, working environment and innate culture.

Join us for our next Tap’d Solutions lunch and learn webinar, on Wednesday 17th January from 1.00pm – 1.30pm where we’ll be discussing what employee experience really is and how you can foster a positive and collaborative culture in your organisation.

Our discussion will include:

  • How digital transformation is affecting the workplace
  • How people analytics can help you understand everyday behaviours
  • The difference between employee engagement and employee experience
  • Putting the power of employee experience into the hands of your managers
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Anthony Ryland
Managing Director, Tap’d Solutions

Anthony provides thought leadership across Talent, Analytics and Technology. He supports our clients in identifying the right solutions and most importantly runs the business on a day-to-day basis. Prior to launching Tap’d Solutions Anthony held senior Talent and Learning & Development roles at Geko Direct, Syan, ACS, Xerox and most recently Samsung Electronics.

Luke Fisher
CEO, ThanksBox

Luke is one of the co-founders and the CEO of ThanksBox, a Tech company that is re-thinking the way organisations engage their people. Luke is an ‘outsider’ to the world of HR and his focus is looking beyond the traditional view of engagement and more at the person to person interaction that creates a great positive culture.


What should HR be focusing on in 2018

6th December 2017

With a backdrop of Brexit and the Gig Economy, the workforce is becoming more transient. Skills shortages for key roles and giving the right employee experience to retain your best people continue to be major challenges for HR leaders as we head into 2018.

In this webinar we discuss the key areas that HR leaders will need to focus their efforts on in 2018.

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