Supporting you to implement change initiatives that will drive long-lasting success

The goal of organisations is to achieve its strategic targets in the most effective way it can. A simple statement, yet with almost an infinite way of getting from A to B. The ability to take a strategy and effectively execute it is the challenge of Excos and senior leadership. From how decisions will be made, and how the organisation will operate, to the “right” behaviours to enable the shift in performance. At the core of all of this is organisational change. With change comes improvement and innovation. Yet change also brings the fear of failure if this is not done right.

At Tap’d we understand how complex successful change implementation is, and that it is a never-ending process. Depending on your current change goal, be it:

Tap’d will help you clarify your challenges, from understanding the visible issue to diagnosing the underlying root causes. We will partner with you to co-create strategies that will implement change initiatives designed to achieve long-lasting success. We understand that each organisation is culturally different and starts from a different point. Our experience includes pan-organisation change to specific, targeted projects to solve discrete challenges.

Our Organisational Effectiveness consultants have an insatiable inquisitiveness to understand your business. Our flexible approach makes us the perfect partner to your organisational effectiveness needs. We fill the gaps in your internal capability and adapt to the roles of strategist, root-cause finder, analyst, architect, facilitator and coach. Our goal is value-adding through a seamless relationship between our team and yours.

We understand that most underlying ineffectiveness issues stem from people issues to some degree. In our experience, task-centred and person-centred behaviours often account for perceived performance shortfalls. Recently, we published a report on productivity in organisations, focusing on six areas that improve effectiveness in organisations:

  1. Personal Growth: Skills and Career Paths
  2. Belonging: An Inclusive Culture
  3. Clarity: Leaders and Leadership
  4. Mindset: Readiness for Change
  5. Focus on Results: Performance and Incentives
  6. Strategic Awareness: Competitive Advantage

Click here to download this report.

If you have a leadership, cultural or process issue that is inhibiting your organisation’s ability to perform to its best, then contact us for an initial discussion to see how we can help and support you.

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