Effective Remote Working - Live Facilitator-Led Online Training

Typical duration:

  • 90 mins

Designed for:

  • All employees


  • Live facilitation via online platform

Often we assume that working remotely requires the same skills and habits as working in the office. This unfortunately is not quite correct. Working remotely places a whole new range of demand and impacts on remote workers. Awareness of your own mental health needs as well as how you portray yourself to others in the team, your line manager and the customer all need to be reflected on. The routines of remote working face challenges with distractions, competing attentions and loneliness all affecting your ability to concentrate. How can you effectively survive in this complex environment?

In this live facilitated online session, we provide the tips, tools and techniques for effective remote working as an individual contributor.

Topics include:

  • Work and non-work boundary management
  • Effective use of your energy
  • Dealing with distractions
  • Identifying procrastination
  • Personality type and remote working
  • Mental and physical wellbeing
  • Productive team membership

This session can be delivered live through Adobe Connect / Zoom / GoToMeeting or your own web conferencing.

Participants will receive an electronic copy of workshop notes and a summary of the slides.

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