Building Resilience in your Organisation, your Leaders and your Teams

Resilience is fast becoming the most necessary characteristic that an organisation needs in 2020 as both a capacity and as an active process. In other words, an organisation needs to have a level of latent resilience in its processes and culture as well as a way of dealing with unexpected traumatic events as they arise affecting its leaders and employees.

Tap’d has researched the aspects of both the work environment and the intrapersonal behaviours and traits that come together to create a resilient workforce. From this we have created a model to characterise resilience from two directions:

  1. From the organisation view, what are the activities in an organisation that can impact on the resilience of the workforce, both teams and individuals.
  2. From the individual employee view, what behaviours and thinking mechanisms that promote a sense of resilience within ourselves so that we can take on and cope with the challenges that are presented to us, both as an employee and as a leader.

Our research demonstrates that the organisation can affect the culture of resilience through the areas of communication, collaboration and social support.

It also shows that the individual can learn to increase their resilience by focusing on the areas of optimism, reframing issues, personal drive and adaptability.

We also found that there is a shared focus of overlap where the organisation and the individual can both have a substantial impact on the level of control, having a sense of purpose and a healthy wellbeing and balance in their lives.

How we help organisations build resilience

To assist organisations build the capacity of resilience in their processes, culture, leadership and employees we offer a package of solutions that can be combined in different ways depending on your needs:

Live Facilitated-Led Online Resilience Training

Our experienced facilitators deliver online live training for both leaders and employees. Drawing on our experience of helping organisations through tough times, we have created two versions on online facilitator-led live training. Our sessions can cater for up to 25 people as creating open discussion is a crucial aspect of embedding learning.

Building Personal Resilience

The general employee resilience course looks at the fundamental building blocks of intrapersonal resilience and how you can practice using tools and techniques to grow your levels of resilience, founded upon our Resilience Model.

Topics covered:

  • What is and isn’t resilience?
  • Defining resilience using our Resilience Model
  • The 7 factors of personal resilience
  • Key skills to develop your resilience
  • Turning this into action (Real-time resilience)

Resilient Leadership

The Resilient Leadership course helps the leader focus on building resilience within themselves as leaders and also ways of helping to foster resilience in their teams.

Topics include:

  • Understanding resilience
  • Building your own personal resilience
  • Fostering resilience within other individuals
  • Creating a resilient team culture

Both sessions are delivered live over ninety minutes through Adobe Connect / Zoom / GoToMeeting or your own web conferencing and participants will receive an electronic copy of an Aide Memoire and the slides. Each delegate also has the ability to complete a self-assessment of their own resilience levels after the course with the option to receive a number of weekly “hints and tips” e-mails to help embed the change in behaviour back in the organisation.

Resilience Coaching for Leaders

Using our Resistance Model, we help leaders within organisations increase their resilience capability through a structured coaching approach. Over a number of focused sessions, we help leaders self-analyse and develop strategies around each of the key building blocks of the Resilience Model. An initial self-assessment using our resilience leadership questionnaire focused around the Resilience Model and its application to personal behaviours and organisational need, allows the coach and leader to identify the most critical building blocks of the model to focus the structured coaching on.

This structured approach allows deep insight and awareness to develop focused on an activity plan that leads to demonstrable results in the workplace. Resilience coaching is delivered remotely using the client’s preference of voice or video calling software and is designed to be a focused assignment over a 3-month period.

Resilience Survey

Ensuring positive mental health environments is top on the agenda for HR Leaders in 2020. With a dispersed workforce, both at home and distancing within the workplace, it is challenging for CEOs and HR Leaders to know if the activities they are doing are working and if the environment is deteriorating people resilience at this time.

To support HR Leaders with this challenge, Tap’d, as part of our approach to developing resilience in organisations, have partnered with Questback, a leading employee insight organisation, to offer our customers a targeted employee survey on resilience. This survey is specifically designed to ask questions around resilience topics that organisations can act upon to build the right processes and culture to foster resilience. This survey maps into the resilience model and therefore can be easily used in conjunction with our wider resilience activities, maximising the value and return from our approach. We then support the organisation in developing actionable strategies to build a resilient culture.

The next 12 to 24 months will involve potentially more economic, business and operational change than what we have seen in our lifetimes. Unexpected events will force us to continuously change our tactics and plans in the coming months. Increasing the level of resilience now in our leadership and workforce will result in a greater chance of organisation survival and success in the future.

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