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At Tap’d we know that one of the most critical responsibilities for HR Leadership is to develop a process that can select the most appropriate person for a role using an organisation’s knowledge. This needs to be combined with techniques that ensure a fair, relevant and unbiased approach to ensure diversity is achieved through the best candidate being placed into each role.

Why use assessment as part of your selection process?

  • Predict future job performance
  • Improve efficiency of your hiring process and reduce time-to-hire
  • Increase employee retention and engagement
  • Minimise the ability of bias entering into the selection process
  • Understand the abilities and motivations of your employees
  • Develop and nurture your organisation’s talent
  • Identify your organisation’s future leaders

Tap’d offer a broad range of skills, behavioural, managerial and executive assessments to address virtually any employee selection or development need. From entry-level and hourly employees up to senior executives, we can provide targeted recommendations to help you hire the best candidate, help you develop those you bring into the organization, and provide solutions for growing your existing team. We offer off the shelf assessments to address common issues in a variety of industries. We can also build on our expertise and content, in partnership with IBM Kenexa and others, to create a full or semi-customised assessment tailored to your organisation.

Types of assessment we offer include:

Graduate Assessment – One of our most popular offerings. Assess the capability of your graduate applicants “en masse” to quickly reduce your candidate pool in a scientific and unbiased manner. Using cognitive technology, these assessments change the next question based on the response to the last. This makes sharing answers between candidates impossible and minimises the capability of cheating.

Leadership Assessment – designed for selection and development of mid-to-upper senior executive roles. These processes are designed to identify capacity for leadership, understand leadership preferences, and provide developmental feedback.

Personality Psychometrics – We can provide a one-to-one service exploring leader personality, deliver a group experience around how a team interacts with each other and even a 360 feedback experience based around robust Emotional Intelligence methodology.

Performance Indicator Assessment – Outcome-focused assessments that can be used individually or in combination with other assessments. They are applicable across industries and address key factors such as willingness to follow safety guidelines, sales capacity, teamwork, engagement, retention, and customer service focus.

Reasoning Assessment – Computer Adaptive (CAT) reasoning assessments are designed to identify individuals’ capacity for problem solving, including working with numerical, verbal, and logical (nonverbal) data.

Selector Assessment – Our Selectors are tailored to individual positions at various levels and industries. We combine predictive personality traits with position appropriate Situational Judgment items and Reasoning ability, where fitting. These selectors provide position granularity in an off the shelf solution, but also offer multiple levels of customisation, including custom scoring or even fully customised assessments.

Situation Judgement Tests (SJT) – Situational Judgement assessments are used to compare a candidate’s decision making to the expectations of the role. By gauging their reactions to realistic scenarios, organisations can determine a person’s likelihood for success based on their alignment with the company’s expectations.

Match Assessment – Comprised of Culture Match, Job Fit and Career Fit assessments designed for career pathing and matching candidate’s values to your organisation.

Speciality Assessment – We offer unique, industry-leading assessments, designed to get to the heart of matters not commonly addressed in assessments. Examples include IBM’s Motivation Questionnaire.

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