It's not about dashboards!

HR Reporting is an essential task that focuses on relaying key HR metrics to both HR and business stakeholders. It is about structuring your data and reporting on what has happened in the past.

But how do you know that these metrics are the real driver to success in your business? Often, we have been told that isolated metrics like absence, appraisal scores, pay data, time to hire, etc are what defines an effective business and HR function. How do we know that improving these isolated results works?

This is where People Analytics comes in. By comparing HR metrics with business performance metrics, at a macro and micro level, you can show where good HR metrics aligns with great business performance and allows you to focus surgically focus on replicating this proven performance.

Analytics is all about data manipulation to get insight that you wouldn’t have seen before and/or proving the hypothesis, question or “hunch” that will give improved business performance. Great analytics is about achieving this in the most painless way possible and in the shortest time.

Let Tap’d help you make better data-driven people decisions…

How do we do it?

At Tap’d, the success of a People Analytics project for us is the combination of two factors:

  1. Successful insight from analytics leading to people projects that create value-add to your business in excess of investment made
  2. The education and development of the HR team, enabling a self-sufficiency and confidence in analytics with the required skills.

Our partnership with you starts with our consultants doing the “heavy lifting” of the first set of people questions that need answering. We use the analytics software to find the insight that will lead to new value-add actions. However, unlike other consultants, as we work on the project with you we “show and tell” the process we go through to get this insight, building new skills and knowledge in members of the HR team. The goal being that the next phase of analytics can be more shared between us and you, building the skill set and confidence in your team.

And, of course, being Tap’d we will work at a pace that fits your team’s previous knowledge and timelines.

Our goal is similar to that of a personal coach. Over time the coach’s goal is to make the coachee self-sufficient with the new skills, knowledge and confidence. So much that the coach almost makes themselves redundant, being available, just in case!

Return on Investment

We understand that there can be hesitancy in starting your People Analytics journey. The graph below demonstrates that there is a business commitment needed to learn, understand and prepare for People Analytics. However, once this is achieved the level of insight gained increases dramatically, with analytics effort dropping as this becomes part of the skill set of the modern HR function. Tap’d works with you to ensure that ROI milestones are met and recorded to allow continued investment in this exciting area.

Return on Investment for People Analytics – when done properly – is significant.  Let Tap’d be your People Analytics partner – uncovering what can be achieved through Better People Decisions in your business.

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