Identify and obtain the right talented & skilled people for the future of your business, both internally and externally

A growing challenge for most organisations – how can I find the right people for my business in an effective and cost-conscious way? Finding the best talent for your organisation involves connecting your company mission to your values and behaviours and understanding what is really needed to be successful in each role. Introducing elements into the selection process that reduces unconscious bias will assist you in creating high performing teams.

How we can help…

At Tap’d we use our expertise to help you identify the key behaviours that differentiate you from your competitors. We verbalise these into easy to understand language for use internally and for recruitment and selection needs. We design robust, simplistic and effective selection processes to support your hiring managers and resourcing teams to find the best fit candidates in a fair process that minimises bias.

We understand that each organisation is unique and its people culture is a defining element of this.

We do this by:

  • Creating an effective selection process that is robust, effective and easy-to-use for your managers and the candidate experience.
  • Providing some of the most valid and reliable online assessments to filter your candidate pool with an effective and unbiased approach and in a highly cost-effective way.
  • Designing and delivering assessment centres to find the most talented leaders and graduates.
  • Using our proven techniques to translate your unwritten culture into values and behavioural competences to support recruitment and development processes.
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