The start of 2020 has seen the emergence of the novel coronavirus, Covid-19. This form of virus has meant that many organisations are deciding to ask large swathes of leaders, managers and employees to work from home for a number of weeks to reduce the risk of infection. This policy of delaying the spread of coronavirus mitigates an organisation from having to completely shut down as it lowers the number of people infected at any one time, however it will mean that coronavirus will probably be around for a good few months, affecting how we work.

Tap’d have reached out to our customers to understand the impact this is having, not just on the processes of the organisation, but also to the mental wellbeing, motivation and the overall experience of employees. Many team leaders who have always had a predominantly face-to-face team are now being asked to work remotely with a dispersed team who have many distractions trying to work from home permanently, often for the first time.

As a result of our conversations, we have created a suite of standalone virtual, live facilitated training sessions to support business leaders and HR teams to QUICKLY supply the tools, techniques, skills and knowledge to successfully lead a remote team and also how to “survive” as a full-time working employee. These courses, delivered live by our experienced virtual trainers, are available as internal courses for organisations of all sizes.

HR and leadership teams are at full-stretch at the moment with scenario planning and working in the unknown. Tap’d can equip your leaders, managers and employees quickly with the knowledge they need to thrive at remote working, fulfilling your duty of care to your people’s mental wellbeing and assist in building the capacity of resilience in your processes, culture, leadership and employees. Being virtual courses, we can activate sessions for customers with a minimal turnaround to ensure your people have the knowledge they need in a just-in-time fashion.

And being LIVE facilitated courses – and not e-learning – the courses are interactive and real experiences can be shared with other delegates.

Our online live virtual offerings are:

Effective Remote Working

Often we assume that working remotely requires the same skills and habits as working in the office. This unfortunately is not quite correct. Working remotely places a whole new range of demand and impacts on remote workers.

In this compact session, we provide the tips, tools and techniques for effective remote working as an individual contributor.

Effective Remote Team Leadership

Leading remote teams brings new challenges to team leaders.  A range of the ways of leading face to face are significantly impacted when leading remotely.

In this short session we will share the common issues remote leaders face with their teams and simple tools and techniques to raise effectiveness in remote leadership.

Building Personal Resilience

Our general employee resilience course looks at the fundamental building blocks of intrapersonal resilience and how you can practice using tools and techniques to grow your levels of resilience, founded upon our Resilience Model.

Topics covered:

  • What is and isn’t resilience?
  • Defining resilience using our Resilience Model
  • The 7 factors of personal resilience
  • Key skills to develop your resilience
  • Turning this into action (Real-time resilience)

Resilient Leadership

The Resilient Leadership course helps the leader focus on building resilience within themselves as leaders and also ways of helping to foster resilience in their teams.

Topics include:

  • Understanding resilience
  • Building your own personal resilience
  • Fostering resilience within other individuals
  • Creating a resilient team culture

Both sessions are delivered live over ninety minutes through Adobe Connect / Zoom / GoToMeeting or your own web conferencing and participants will receive an electronic copy of an Aide Memoire and the slides. Each delegate also has the ability to complete a self-assessment of their own resilience levels after the course with the option to receive a number of weekly “hints and tips” e-mails to help embed the change in behaviour back in the organisation.

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