Turn good into great and people into performers

Probably the most common theme of articles, thought leadership, HR texts and business gurus is that your business will succeed or fail depending on the raw talent you have in your business and your ability as an organisation to harness it.

In most organisations, talent translates into people leadership. Emotionally intelligent, trained and well equipped leadership can turn good into great, people into performers. This doesn’t happen overnight or by luck but comes from a well-executed Talent Strategy that has elements that work together right across the employee lifecycle. At Tap’d we use our experience to help you develop the right Talent Strategy for your business and then support you in developing your team and executing this.

Examples of key elements that Tap’d can deliver for your organisation:

Identifying your Talent – We can help you understand what “Talent” means for your organisation. We conduct internal research to help you verbalise this. Producing a narrative on what a great leader in your business looks like, combined with a behavioural framework that helps you more easily identify talent entering into your business and/or already within your business. This identification can include the use of Assessment tools – click on the link to find out more about Tap’d and IBM Assessment.

Developing your Talent – Once your talent has been identified we can help you nurture these key performers to maximise their impact on your business and get them ready for more complex roles. We create development programmes that include:

  • Leadership workshops on key behaviours and tools that will bring success to your business
  • Self-discovery tools through profiling and feedback to build self-awareness and the basis for bespoke individual development strategies
  • One-to-one support through coaching and mentoring activities delivered internally and/or externally

Deploying your Talent – Working with an understanding of your business and what great leadership looks like in your organisation, we provide structures to ensure your top talent is deployed to the best ability across your people structure. Career Pathways give direction and guidance to your people on how they can progress and better themselves within the organisation.

Succession Planning techniques for HR and senior leadership allow all relevant talent information to be captures and utilised to ensure a pipeline of talent is available as needed both within the organisation or identified externally to the business.

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