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At Tap’d we have years of experience of seeing the direct results between enabling people leaders and an observable increase in engagement, employee experience and inclusion.

Our leadership model is based around the concept of “Macro and Micro Engagement”. These are the “balance scales” of how to create a healthy and positive culture that produces performance.

What is Macro Engagement? This is the collection of activities that create the organisation-wide frameworks for engagement and inclusion within the workplace. This can be from feedback mechanisms and wellbeing activities to intranet content and employee self-service. i.e. the pan-organisation structure.

So, what is Micro Engagement? This is that hour-by-hour, day-by-day experience individuals in your organisation feel about the world around them. This is the relationship with their manager, how they feel as part of the team and their overall feeling of worth of purpose as part of your organisation. It is their sense of belonging and this can be built or destroyed by the leader of the team.

The leader takes the organisation vision and strategy and translates it into the “why? and what?” that the individual will either relate to, or not. It is THE pivotal relationship within the whole organisation. No matter how great your Macro Engagement activities, the capability of your leaders will create or destroy organisational success.

We help organisations enable great leaders in three broad areas:

Leadership Assessment – Tap’d have a suite of assessment and profiling options to help your leaders develop their emotional intelligence and therefore the amount of impact they have with their team. Modern focus on individuals and teams is around the concept of inclusion and an aim to develop a sense of belonging. These states are driven by not only the physical environment but also, and especially, the emotional state of the individual. If a leader cannot develop their own self-awareness, empathy and social skills then they will not create an inclusive environment.

Our assessment offering comes in many forms. We can administer single one-off profiling tools, to more complex and expansive team dynamics and 360 feedback offerings. These become especially powerful when combined with our other leadership offerings.

Leadership Development – Still core to an organisation’s success is some form of leadership development offering. We can help you identify the key drivers to your organisation’s success and what differentiates you in your marketplace. We can design a development intervention that tailors to the geographical spread, pace and culture of your organisation. Using the latest technology, we can bring interactive experiences to virtual learning. We can blend programme styles to suit the needs of your people.

In addition, we have a number of our most popular topics available “off-the-shelf” if you have an identified and urgent need. These more bite-sized approaches also combine as support modules to some of the technologies that we offer.

Our leadership consultants can deliver in all locations globally and in many different languages. We haven’t, as yet, come across an organisation requirement where we couldn’t support a business in developing their leaders to create the impact they needed. We can advise you on how best to measure the increase in value from any leadership project we deliver and how to entwine it with other initiatives you may have underway in parallel.

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring – Senior leaders are busy people. Often, they are the last to be personally developed as time restrictions, i.e. the number of hours in a day, prevent this. Getting the time and space to think and reflect on key strategies is essential for the modern leader. Coaching is an established methodology to get better results from your leaders through targeted and focused reflection.

However, you need to know that the quality of coaching is of the right level to give these results. Our coaches at Tap’d have many years’ experience of delivering coaching and coaching programmes that yield tangible results. From single leader assignments, to transformation programmes across senior layers within organisations, Tap’d coaches can prove their pedigree.

In addition, we have experience of designing and delivering internal coaching programmes within organisations and we develop a self-sustaining coaching culture within leadership and talent communities in major organisations.

If you want to develop the micro engagement experience within your organisation through leadership assessment, development and/or coaching programmes then get in contact with us at Tap’d and start a conversation today.

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