Performance, Coaching and Learning all in one place

The learning & performance management solution that engages people and helps them improve. With eloomi learning management system you can now connect the dots between training and performance, establishing credible ROI for your business!

Simple, effective and engaging

Most organisations already have a solution for learning management and others for performance management. But we’ve found that HR leaders typically find them arduous and complex and, as a result, they are not being used as intended.

Eloomi® thinks differently and takes you to the forefront of learning. The platform is an effective LMS that makes corporate learning and performance management simple.

Regardless of size and the culture in your organisation, Eloomi lets you pick the combination of functionalities that’s right for you.

The software is easy to use on any device and makes it engaging for HR, employees and managers across your diverse range of employees to train skills and work on performance achievement.

Eloomi is great for use as a tool for effective employee onboarding, compliance and skills training, strategy communication as well as leveraging real-time data for better business decisions.

Key reasons to use Eloomi

Train skills

  • Assign bite-sized learning, create training paths, execute web-based and classroom training directly on a mobile, tablet or computer.
  • Make learning a fun and rewarding experience with built-in gamification, points & badges, certificates, chat, reviews, campaigns and much more.
  • Track your own development and progress, or access the Content Market for additional skills.
  • Make your training relevant and start anchoring competences by using the goals and feedback modules.

The simplest content creation

  • Compose your own e-learning content on the fly. Mix videos, text, any document type, quizzes and tests, embedded websites, SCORM content and more. Literally just drag and drop or upload!
  • Build blended learning paths with a tailored combination of online content, onsite courses and even webinars.
  • Use existing content or combine from any supplier or content provider you want. Eloomi is your private LMS hub.
  • Assign with a click and the user gets notified through e-mail or SMS, of course automatically optimised for any mobile, tablet and computer, or let the Eloomi engine take the strain!
  • Get insights through generating bespoke reports locally and even push automatically to relevant stakeholders through the built-in Eloomi engine.

Engage your people anywhere, anytime that suits them

  • Mobile training and communication: anytime, anywhere, secure and with a click.
  • Improve your learner experience through chat, comments, feedback, rating and evaluations.
  • Gamify the learning experience in a way that fits your organisation by adding badges, points, campaigns, certificates, etc. Make you learning memorable!
  • Total flexibility to use your branding to fit your layout with different templates, mix and match the modules or just use Eloomi’s up-to-date layouts.

Goals & feedback

  • Set specific, relevant goals for departments, job roles and individuals
  • Track and rate performance and make new objectives where needed with a single click
  • Integrate relevant hard KPI’s as part of the overall performance through the built-in Eloomi API connector
  • Give feedback that helps the individual perform better, and even track the performance and feedback over time
  • Deploy relevant information and training when working with your feedback, seamlessly linking performance with development

Link Performance with Development conversations

  • Develop custom-built dialogue templates, creating the environment for managers to self-service their own performance and development team discussions
  • Set up simple coaching sessions focusing on e.g. engagement, goals, improvement or development areas
  • Employees and managers can prepare for appraisals with a few clicks, send automatic invitations, notifications, reminders and more
  • Utilise performance development grids for reviews and easy visual interpretation for individuals and group performance
  • Get the overview of current skills, and plan training to meet required competences. Simply connect reviews directly to development dialogues and training plans in Eloomi

One-click Performance Checklist builder

  • From an easy user interface, you can build all the check lists you need, assigning the checklist to relevant employees or teams
  • Real-time checklist updates with users accessing directly on their smartphone and one-click status
  • The Eloomi engine make sure that all are notified and the performance is in motion

That’s it, and that’s the new way of fast performance

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