We support the evolution of HR functions & professionals – by creating readiness for the new skills needed for the Future of Work

With the increasing pace of change in society and the way we interact, there is a growing need to firstly recognise this global cultural shift within the business environment and, moreover, actually harness these changes to improve both our people’s performance and engagement with our organisations.

HR functions exist to create great working environments for our people to enable them to be the best they can. As the concept of who a worker is and how they interact with the business becomes more complex, HR professionals need to adapt to be able to understand and act on these complex challenges.

A new wave of technologies (analytics, AI, bots, etc…) are emerging or are already here. They will remove the burden of administration and create a self-service environment for employees, freeing up HR time to be more strategic. HR functions need to grasp this opportunity to become new experts in automation, strategic thinking and data driven decision making whilst being the “expert” in the business of human behaviour.

How we can help…

At Tap’d we believe that this is a time of huge change for HR. Questions/comments we hear are:

  • How do I start this transformational change?
  • How can I find out what other HR functions are doing here and the successes they are having?
  • What can I do when we don’t have the resources to manage this change as an internal project?

We help you make sense of the Future of Work, making technology understandable and easy to adopt. We bring together our extensive HR experience and consultancy, combined with specially selected HR technologies, to maximise your future performance. We research and find interesting and effective HR technologies that will help your HR team and your employees perform at their best.

We can bring our research and practical solutions to give you a “head-start” in moving your business and HR team towards the “Future of Work” and the digital workplace.

We do this by:

  • Delivering a platform for learning and education to support the HR community with our Forums, Webinars and Blogs in a no-nonsense approach to getting practical knowledge shared in the community and discussed by real HR professionals like you.
  • Providing consultancy and delivery around the future skills of HR and help you plan the transition towards a data driven strategic HR function.
  • Through our market research we combine with hand-picked partners to provide the latest HR Analytics technology with our consultancy to give deeper insight than ever before.
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