Translate great feedback into real actions to enhance engagement and create the best employee experience

A challenge for a modern HR Leader is to guide the business to increased productivity and optimum financial results through its people. This might not be called productivity directly but HR is tasked with creating people strategies to achieve better results from lower costs.

So, how do you break down such a complex issue as productivity?

At Tap’d we believe that the key areas here are raising employee commitment and having great leadership. This is underpinned by most of the recent studies in this area. Employee motivations are evolving. The need to be engaged in the “macro” Employer’s Value Proposition and the “micro” day-to-day experiences with their line manager are now core to the psychological contract. To understand the employee experience, HR leaders need to be smarter with their data use and need to target identified groups of employees to gain the insight they need to ensure they create value-add goals and strategies.

How we can help…

At Tap’d we help you understand your people’s needs and help create mechanisms that ensure that the right feedback can be gained. We can then help you mine this data to get insight that is directly useful to improving the employee experience, employee engagement and the commitment to do a great job.

Through our expertise, tools and technologies we work with you to build out future-focused strategies that translate into actions that add value to your business. Though using our tried and tested tools and techniques, we understand that your organisation has its own unique challenges based around where you are and where you need to be.

We do this by:

  • Building an understanding of the drivers of great employee experiences within your organisation
  • Providing technology and expertise that asks your people the right questions to gain a deep understanding of their current experiences
  • Connecting engagement data with business performance data to get deep levels of insight using the latest HR Analytics, predicting future states based on this insight
  • Building line manager capability to optimise to manager-employee relationship and foster high levels of engagement
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